Looking after Your Teeth This Easter: How You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

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It’s nearly time for the Easter bunny to visit with tempting but naughty treats. We don’t want to stop your family from enjoying the fun, but we’ve listed a few alternatives to sweets that will make any child smile.

Small Toys

There are lots of little toys available to fit every child’s desire and your budget. You can easily put together a selection of goodies to fill an Easter basket that will keep a child entertained for hours, and they won’t harm their teeth!

Alternative Easter Eggs

Instead of chocolate Easter eggs, fill plastic Easter eggs with puzzle pieces or hide handwritten slips in the eggs that can be swapped for activities or other non-chocolatey treats. Another idea is to dip-dye hard-boiled eggs using bright colours that can be enjoyed for lunch. Eggs are high in protein, so they are great for oral health.


Choose some Easter themed crafting supplies like colouring books and stickers, paints and crayons. These will keep a creative child entertained for days and are much healthier for teeth.

Gift Your Child a Book

Give your child a book that has a special meaning for you and read it with them at bedtime so you can both spend some quality time together. It’s a great way to improve their vocabulary too.

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