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Dentapex is a local dental clinic serving the Parklea community with convenient locations and hours. Our friendly dentists are committed to providing you with the best possible dental care, and we offer financing options for our more intensive treatments through Denticare.

At Dentapex, your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we use effective and comfortable methods of dental care. If you’re in need of a dental consultation, don’t hesitate to visit Dentapex today.


Parklea is a suburb of Sydney, Australia, located approximately 35 kilometres northwest of the Sydney central business district. The suburb is within the Hornsby Shire local government area. Parklea is largely a residential suburb, with few commercial or industrial businesses.

There are a number of schools in the area, as well as a shopping centre and a community centre. Parklea is well-connected to the rest of Sydney by road and rail, and there are a number of bushwalking and biking trails in the area.

The suburb is home to a diverse range of people, and it has a strong sense of community. Parklea is an attractive and welcoming place to live, work, and raise a family.

When it comes to choosing a dentist, there are many factors to consider. Location is often one of the most important. A local dentist is more convenient and easier to get to, which can make a big difference when you have a dental emergency or need to schedule a last-minute appointment.

In addition, local dentists are more likely to be familiar with your dental history and needs. They can also provide you with personalised care and attention that you may not receive at a large dental practice. If you live in Parklea, choosing a local dentist is a great way to ensure that you receive the high-quality care that you deserve.

Dentapex is the best dentist near Parklea. We understand the families in Parklea and how to give each family the dental care they deserve. Whether you’re looking for a regular checkup or you need more intensive dental work, we’ll be able to help you.

Our experienced team of dentists will work with you to ensure that you get the treatment you need and that your smile stays healthy for years to come.

We know that finding a good dentist can be difficult, but we hope that you’ll consider giving us a try. We’re confident that you won’t be disappointed.

Emergency Dentist Parklea

Treating dental emergencies quickly is highly important. Not just because they can cause you a large amount of pain and discomfort, but because they can lead to major dental and health complications if left unchecked.

When you are in pain, suffering from extreme sensitivity or have suffered trauma including broken, cracked or missing teeth, you should see a dentist immediately – no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Dentaxpex Parklea offers around-the-clock emergency dental services to assist with all kinds of issues. Contact us on 1300 376 453 at any time and we will arrange a consultation with our professional dental team.

Orthodontics Parklea

Wondering if your child could use braces? Have you missed out on orthodontics as a child and now want to straighten your own teeth? Look no further than Dentapex Parklea. For our patients, we work hard to help them achieve beautiful, functional smiles as quickly and efficiently as possible by offering multiple kinds of braces, clear aligners, and other treatments.

Depending on your goals, we can determine if orthodontics would be a good fit for you or your child. You will also have the chance to ask any questions you may have. We’ll take digital impressions and X-rays of your mouth during your consultation so we can provide the most information before making any recommendations. If you’d like, we can even simulate the treatment so you can see how it will turn out.

From the time you check-in to the time you check-out, our team is there to ensure you have a pleasant experience while responding quickly and courteously to your needs.

Cosmetic Dentist Parklea

You want to feel confident when it comes to your smile. A beautiful, healthy smile is essential if you wish to feel that way. You may not feel confident about your smile because something about your teeth is holding you back.

As a cosmetic dentistry team, we have dedicated our professional lives to achieving beautiful results. Using a combination of artistic eye and high-quality skills and training, the Dentapex Parklea cosmetic dental team ensures that your smile goals are met. Our team uses a variety of techniques and materials to improve our patients’ smiles, such as porcelain veneers, Invisalign, teeth whitening, and bonding.

Porcelain Veneers Parklea

This is a simple and affordable way to cover up cracked, broken or stained teeth. These veneers wrap around the exterior of the tooth and are shaded to look like your existing teeth so nobody will know the difference. This is an affordable treatment, but these veneers will need to be replaced every 5-10 years. For a more permanent solution, crowns are recommended. If the tooth needs to be extracted because of the damage, dental implants are the more viable option.

Dental Implants Parklea

Teeth that are missing can alter your bite’s delicate balance, and therefore must be replaced. Most modern dental implants are paired with dentures or dental crowns in order to provide the best results.

By mimicking your natural tooth’s roots, the titanium posts provide unparalleled stability for replacement teeth. In the event that saving a tooth is not possible, a Parklea dentist might recommend replacing it with a dental implant to preserve your oral health in the long run.

Discover how dental implants can help you rebuild your smile and improve your quality of life, as well as the cost and benefits of dental implants, by contacting our office today.

All on 4 Parklea

You may find it difficult to find a dental replacement option that is both cost-effective and affordable if you have lost most of your teeth. A removable denture or multiple implants can be cost-prohibitive and involve a time-consuming process of restoration and healing.

The All-on-4 treatment concept offers an alternative option to mitigate these problems for patients at our Parklea clinic.

Many patients can have their entire surgical procedure completed in just one visit and have both functional and aesthetic problems solved as quickly as possible. Denture fabrication will be performed by either your general dentist or prosthodontist.

Root Canal Treatment Parklea

When the pulp (nerve) inside the tooth becomes infected, root canal therapy is used to save the tooth. At Dentapex Parklea, our dentists have extensive experience performing root canal therapies.

We use minimally invasive techniques to preserve your natural tooth and surrounding tissues. A root canal can often be performed in one visit by Dentapex Parklea dentists.

Following root canal therapy, a crown is usually placed over the tooth. The crown will protect and strengthen the tooth. The structure of the tooth is still intact even though the nerve in the canal is now dead. A tooth that is saved is always preferable to one that is extracted.

Teeth Whitening Parklea

Teeth whitening is a wonderful way to treat teeth that have become stained or discoloured over time from smoking, cafeeine, food, age and other factors. However, you should always carry out your teeth whitening in consultation with your dentist for safe, effective and affordable treatment. We offer in-chair services that will have your teeth noticably whiter in just a single session. Plus we also offer take-home kits that allow you to gradually improve your smile over time. All of our treatments are carried out under our supervision and guaranteed to be safe so there is no risk like the kits that you can buy online.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Parklea

Many people get a third set of molars come through in their late teens or early 20s. In some cases, these third molars or “wisdom teeth” will come through without issue. However, in many more cases they can cause major dental issues including breaking existing molars, coming through at the wrong angle, getting trapped in the gums and more. This usually results in enormous pain. Our team is available to inspect your mouth (and your children) for signs of wisdom teeth problems before they happen along with safe and comfortable extraction. If you are experiencing severe pain at the back of your mouth, you should book a consultation and wisdom tooth removal at our Parklea clinic ASAP.

Kids Dentist Parklea

Our services go beyond just checking your teeth. The Dentapex Parklea dental practice is the perfect place for kids of all ages to feel relaxed and comfortable in a specifically designed environment.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care in all aspects of pediatric dentistry. We are dedicated to each child we treat. We aim to provide children with a dental home that supports their oral health in every way possible.

The importance and integral nature of oral health in overall wellbeing cannot be overstated. Dentapex Parklea aims to create a positive dental experience for every child and to develop healthy habits that will lead to a lifetime of a healthy and beautiful smile.

Invisalign Parklea

Invisalign is the perfect alternative to braces and is used in orthodontics to treat children and adults. Instead of uncomfortable wires and braces that are often painful and difficult to clean, you use clear retainers that are comfortable and virtually invisible. Our dental team will take detailed scans of your mouth and have personalised retainers made that will simply slide over your teeth, aligning them into shape over time. The best part? These retainers can be removed when you need to eat or clean your teeth. No more food or floss getting caught in braces and wires.

Dental Bridges Parklea

Replacing a missing tooth with a porcelain bridge is a common treatment option. Dentapex Parklea is committed to producing bridges that look natural, are highly functional, and that look great. If you are missing a tooth or teeth, we will not settle for anything less than the best.

When a tooth or teeth has been lost, resulting in a gap between your remaining teeth, you may be a candidate for a bridge. You may also be a candidate for dental implants and removable partial dentures. In a consultation with Dentapex Parklea, we will go over each of these options with you to determine which is the most appropriate treatment for you.

Dentapex Parklea bridges are natural looking, feeling, and functioning. If you take proper care of your teeth, your porcelain bridge will last for many years.

Dental Crowns Parklea

Do you have worn teeth from grinding or clenching? Perhaps they have become chipped or cracked over time? Your teeth can be restored back to new condition with porcelain crowns.

Our dentists can take a mould of your tooth and create a cap that looks exactly the same as the existing enamel. It is the perfect way to save a tooth that has damage that is too big for traditional fillings. It is also cost-effective and your porcelain crowns will function the same as your regular teeth when it comes to eating and cleaning.

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