Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Stanhope Gardens

Just like normal tooth extraction that we perform here in Dentapex Stanhope Gardens or Padstow, a local anesthetic is given to a patient during the wisdom tooth removal. This helps in preventing pain or even puts a patient to sleep during the procedure. Our dentist at Dentapex, always recommends avoiding eating before the procedure so that anesthetic can take effect. Depending upon the condition, this procedure generally takes approximately forty minutes.

Wisdom teeth will try to grow even when there is no room for them, this can often form abscesses under the gum line and further health risks. You need to have it checked regardless if you feel a bit of discomfort or not.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Symptoms:

If you have the following symptoms, you are likely to have an impacted wisdom teeth:

  • Severe pain in the mouth which may cause a sensation from ear to throat
  • Bleeding or tender gums.
  • Difficulty in opening your mouth
  • Oral infection

Things to do after Wisdom Tooth Removal

  • Apply ice to your cheeks for around 15-20 minutes, this will give heat to cheek and avoid any swelling. Perform this for the first 24 hours.
  • Avoid doing any type of physical activity.
  • Avoid smoking after having this treatment.

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