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    Get a Beautiful Smile with Dental Invisalign in Sydney

    Evenly aligned teeth look beautiful at any age, but not everyone has had the chance to wear braces as a child. If you would love to straighten your teeth but don’t want conventional braces, opt for invisible braces or Invisalign clear aligners as a suitable alternative. At Dentapex we provide affordable dental Invisalign in Sydney to help you strengthen your teeth.

    • What is Invisalign?

      Invisalign is an orthodontic system that helps straighten teeth using clear aligners made from BPA-free plastic. They will move your teeth precisely and into positions predetermined by our dentist. The aligners are removable and will form a tightly fitting plastic ‘skin’ over your teeth that is virtually invisible.

      You must wear each set of aligners for two weeks, ideally only removing them for meals, brushing, and flossing. It is possible to detach the aligners for special occasions. However, we don’t recommend doing this frequently as it could delay your treatment. You will wear a new set of aligners every two weeks to continue your teeth straightening process.

    Who Can Have Invisalign?

    Invisalign braces in Sydney is a versatile treatment option, but it may not suit everyone. The ideal candidates for Invisalign treatment include:

    • Adults with Mild to Moderate Orthodontic Issues
      Invisalign is well-suited for adults with mild to moderate misalignment issues. For more complex orthodontic cases, your dentist may recommend alternative treatment options.
    • Teens with All Their Permanent Teeth
      Teenagers with all their permanent teeth erupted can be excellent candidates for Invisalign. The aligners are suitable for responsible teens who can adhere to wearing them for the recommended amount of time each day.
    • Individuals Committed to Compliance
      For Invisalign Sydney treatment to be successful, patients must be committed to wearing their aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours per day. Compliance is essential to achieve the desired results within the estimated treatment timeline.
    • People Seeking a Discreet Option
      Individuals who desire a more discreet alternative to traditional braces often find Invisalign the perfect choice. Professionals, public speakers, or anyone conscious about their appearance can benefit from the subtlety of Invisalign.
    • Those with Good Oral Health
      Before commencing Invisalign treatment, your dentist will assess your oral health. Issues such as gum disease or tooth decay should be addressed before starting the aligner therapy.


    What Is the Treatment Process?

    • The Initial Consultation – Before embarking on your Invisalign journey, your first step is the initial consultation. During this visit, our qualified orthodontist will examine your teeth, jaw, and oral health to determine whether Invisalign braces suits your alignment issues.
    • Customising Your Treatment Plan – If you are a candidate for Invisalign, the next stage involves creating a personalised treatment plan tailored to your needs. This is where cutting-edge technology comes into play. Digital impressions of your bite and smile will be taken, providing precise data to design your custom aligners.
    • The Dental Laboratory – Once the digital scans are complete, they are sent to a dental laboratory. This is where the magic happens. Our skilled technicians will use the information provided by the scans to craft your series of custom dental Invisalign.
    • Receiving Your Aligners – With your custom aligners freshly manufactured, it’s time for the exciting moment you receive them at the clinic. Our orthodontist will ensure each aligner fits perfectly and comfortably in your mouth. They will also provide you with essential care instructions to ensure the best results from your treatment.
    • Embracing the Transformation – As you wear your aligners, your teeth gradually shift into their desired positions. It would help if you came in for periodic check-ups to keep the progress on track. During these appointments, we will monitor your advancement and provide you with a new set of sequential aligners.
    • How Long Will the Invisable Braces Treatment Take?

      Treatment times vary according to the complexity of the problems requiring correction. Generally, most will take a year to 18 months to complete treatment, but issues only affecting your front teeth take less time. Our dentist can provide you with a customised treatment plan that will include the time required for a straight and healthy smile.

      Fortunately, we provide a completely free Invisalign® clear aligners consultation.

      We will examine your teeth during your consultation and discuss how Invisalign can meet your needs. There is no obligation to proceed with the treatment.

    Benefits of Invisalign

    The Benefits of Invisalign

    • 01

      Reduces the Risk of Gum Disease

      Overly spaced out or overcrowded teeth make you more prone to developing gum disease in the future. However, with the help of Invisalign, your teeth will be positioned precisely where they should be. Therefore, perfectly positioned teeth ensure the gums fit nicely and firmly, creating a strong barrier against potential infections.

    • 02

      Corrects Bite Issues

      Invisalign treatment is a perfect remedy for struggling with an overbite, underbite or open bite. Talk to our dentists today about using Invisalign to correct your bite issues. Without mending bite problems, oral health problems may take form and manifest over time. This can cause gum irritation, joint issues, extreme and chronic pain, and tooth dysfunction.

    • 03

      Targets Overcrowded Teeth

      When there is not enough room in the jaw for your teeth to fit correctly, the teeth will become overcrowded. Overcrowded teeth can cause many issues, including tooth decay, gum disease, and plaque build-up. It can also result in deep cracking that will create serious aesthetic issues. However, Invisalign aligners will reposition your teeth to ensure they are straight and spaced correctly.

    • 04

      Boosts Confidence

      Overcrowded and crooked teeth often lead to low self-esteem. This may force you to hide away your smile or be insecure about the way you laugh or eat in front of others. However, this can all be changed with the addition of Invisalign. In 18 months, you will have a completely straight set of teeth that you will be proud to show off to the world. Get back your confidence with our Invisalign braces treatment at Dentapex in Sydney.

    • 05

      Painless and Fast Experience

      The main advantage of an Invisalign procedure is that it is quick and painless. Braces require years straightening teeth, whereas Invisalign gets the job done in 18 months. Invisalign is non-invasive and allows for extreme comfort. We utilise modern technology and dentistry at our Sydney dental practice to ensure only the best Invisalign dentist completes your procedure.

    • 06

      Convenient and Comfortable Solution

      Invisalign allows for optimal convenience and comfort. As the aligners are completely removable, you can complete daily activities such as eating, brushing, and chewing without limitations. There are also no restrictions on which foods you can eat, as hard foods will not affect your treatment. Wear your aligners 22 hours a day to see the best results and fast.

    How Much Does Invisalign Cost in Sydney?

    Invisalign costs can vary depending on various factors, including the complexity of the case, the dentist or orthodontist’s experience, the location of the dental practice, and any additional services or treatments required.

    It is best to consult directly with our local dental clinic or orthodontist in Sydney for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the cost of Invisalign treatment in the area. They will be able to give you an estimate based on your specific needs and circumstances.

    Dental Financing Options


    At Dentapex, we aim to make it easier for you to pay for your Invisalign treatment. Therefore, we offer our patients flexible payment plans for dental work. Through this process, our dentists will help you find a dental financing plan that works best for you. This will include scattering payments and ensuring that all instalments and interest-free.

    Our payment plans include Afterpay, which allows you to make four fortnightly payments after completing your Invisalign treatment. Alternatively, we also offer a National Dental Plan, allowing you to stagger your payments into instalments and pay over a specific timeframe.

    For more information on our dental financing options, talk to our team of Dentapex dentists in Sydney today. Our team of trained professionals will conduct a personalised consultation session with you where we will outline each stage of the treatment, discuss payment plans, and answer any further questions you may have.

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    How much does Invisalign cost in Sydney?

    The average cost of Invisalign will range between $4,500-$9,000. However, there is no fixed price as this will be dependent on a range of issues, including the severity of your case, how complex the Invisalign treatment will be, and any other underlying dental issues that need to be dealt with

    No. Invisalign clear aligners are used to reposition and perfect the structure of your teeth. They will not have any negative effects of your teeth, but instead, will create a straighter smile for you to show off.

    Invisalign refers to clear aligners that are worn over both arches of your teeth. These aligners will gently apply pressure and work to reposition your set of teeth to create a straighter, more uniform smile.

    The Invisalign clear aligners work exactly like braces. They will gently apply pressure to your teeth to create a straighter set. You will need to replace your set of aligners every two weeks so that each tooth is targeted and repositioned to remain uniform.

    The Invisalign treatment will take 18 months for complete teeth straightening. This is significantly faster than what a braces treatment would take, and therefore, becomes a more suitable option for a range of patients.

    Invisalign will take 18 months for a completely straight set of teeth to appear. Alternatively, braces are suitable for more complex orthodontic issues; however, it is a relatively longer process – sometimes even taking a few years to get the desire results. Therefore, Invisalign is the faster orthodontic process.

    Usually, Invisalign aligners are for both the top and bottom teeth. However, you can talk to our dentists about single arch Invisalign and whether you are a suitable candidate for the procedure.

    You can get high-quality Invisalign clear aligners at the Dentapex dental clinic. Book a consultation session with our experts today and we will talk you through the Invisalign process and whether your teeth are suitable for the treatment.

    Clear aligners can cost anywhere between $1,200-$8,000. There is no fixed price for the procedure as it is dependent on various circumstances. For more, contact our team today.

    Clear aligners are simply another name for Invisalign. Alternatively, another form of clear aligners is called Clearcorrect, which are thinner and less visible. However, this also makes them more fragile and prone to damage.

    Clear Invisalign braces are made from thick plastic and used as aligners for both your top and bottom arch. They are a suitable alternative to traditional braces, especially if you are not suffering from any complicate dental issues.

    It is best to talk to your insurance provider regarding whether they can cover a portion of the cost of your Invisalign treatment. Usually, dental insurance will help offset some of the payment for an orthodontic procedure.

    Clear braces for adults can range anywhere between $2,000-$9,000. This depends on how complex your dental issues are and oral health history. However, at Dentapex, we offer payment plans to help you manage the cost of treatment.

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