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    Root Canal

    Root Canal treatment is also known as Endodontics therapy. This procedure is followed when the whole tooth root has been damaged due to any type of injury. Before performing root canal treatment, our professional dentist examines all the things which include medical history.

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    What Is A Root Canal Procedure?

    • At the initial consultation, Our dentists use x-rays to take a close look at the infection. The dentist will discuss any concerns you have at this time.
    • Endodontics is carried out using local anesthesia, so you won’t feel pain during the procedure.
    • The dentist will then remove the infected pulp and diseased tissues inside the root canal. We’ll then disinfect the root canal to make sure all bacteria have been removed.
    • We will ensure the tooth is healthy and restore the tooth’s appearance with a crown or filling

    Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

    Here are the main advantages of having root canal treatment from Stanhope Gardens and Padstow:-

    • Helps in chewing easily
    • Helps save a natural tooth
    • Maintains proper chewing and biting force
    • Maintains normal sensation and biting force
    • Prevents neighboring teeth from excessive wear or strain
    • Offers a more cost-effective solution in the long run compared to extraction and tooth replacement


    Symptoms of a Damaged Root Canal

    The symptoms of a damaged root canal can include:

    • Tooth pain or sensitivity while chewing or applying pressure on the affected tooth.
    • Lingering pain or sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures even after the stimulus has been removed
    • Swelling or tenderness in the surrounding gums
    • Discoloration or darkening of the affected tooth
    • Drainage or pus around the affected tooth
    • A bad taste in the mouth or foul odor from the affected tooth
    • A visible crack or chip in the tooth
    • Previous trauma to the tooth that may have damaged the root canal.

    It is important to seek prompt dental care if you experience any of these symptoms, as untreated damage to a root canal can lead to infection, abscesses, and even tooth loss.


    Causes of a Damaged Root Canal

    • Deep tooth decay
    • Trauma
    • Large fillings
    • Gum disease
    • Repeated dental procedures

    After Care

    After Procedure Care for Root Canal Treatment

    After a root canal procedure, it is important to take proper care of the treated tooth to promote healing and prevent further damage. Here are some tips for aftercare:

    • Take pain medication as prescribed
    • Avoid chewing on the treated tooth
    • Practice good oral hygiene
    • Attend follow-up appointments
    • Notify your dentist if you experience any problems


    Root Canal Prevention

    Maintaining good oral hygiene, visiting the dentist regularly, and avoiding hard or sticky foods can help prevent the need for root canal treatment. Wearing a mouthguard during high-risk activities can also prevent dental injuries that could damage the root canal.


    Root Canal Treatment and the Importance of a Permanent Crown

    After a root canal treatment, a permanent crown is needed to protect and restore the tooth’s function. The crown is custom-made and can be made of porcelain, metal, or a combination. It helps prevent further damage, improves appearance, and requires two appointments with the dentist.


    Root Canal Cost in Sydney

    On average, the cost of root canal treatment in Sydney can range from $800 to $1,500 for a single tooth. However, this is just an estimate and patients should consult with their dentist for a more accurate cost estimate.

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    Root Canal Therapy FAQs

    What Causes Root Canal Problems?

    Root canal problems can be caused by various factors such as decay, trauma, cracks or fractures in the tooth, and repeated dental procedures on the same tooth. These factors can lead to inflammation or infection in the pulp, causing pain, sensitivity, and other symptoms.

    Root canal therapy is a dental procedure used to treat a tooth that has become infected or inflamed in the pulp, which is the soft tissue inside the tooth. The procedure involves removing the damaged pulp, cleaning and disinfecting the tooth, and then filling and sealing it with a dental material to prevent further infection.

    Removing a natural tooth can cause several complications, such as misalignment of neighboring teeth, difficulty chewing, and jawbone deterioration. It is always better to save a natural tooth if possible, and root canal therapy can be a highly effective way to do so.

    Root canal therapy carries some risks such as infection, damage to surrounding tissue, allergic reactions, and potential for incomplete removal of infected tissue. However, these risks are rare and can be taken care by proper diagnosis and treatment by a skilled dentist or endodontist.

    A root canal can typically be completed in one or two appointments, with each appointment lasting 60 to 90 minutes depending on the complexity of the case.

    It is common to experience some discomfort or sensitivity after a root canal procedure, but severe pain is not normal and should be reported to your dentist.

    Root canal therapy and tooth extraction are both dental procedures that aim to alleviate pain and restore oral health. However, there are benefits to choosing root canal therapy over extraction, including:

    Preservation of natural teeth
    Better overall oral health
    Faster recovery time
    Less discomfort

    The three stages of root canal treatment are:
    Cleaning and shaping the root canal
    Filling the root canal
    Adding a dental crown

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