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    Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment in Sydney

    A captivating smile can leave a lasting impression, and our expert teeth whitening treatment in Sydney is customised to achieve that. Our skilled dental professionals utilise cutting-edge techniques and safe, effective whitening agents to brighten your teeth by several shades, giving you a radiant and rejuvenated smile.

    Our team of the best teeth whitening dentists in Sydney provides effective treatments like Philips Zoom teeth whitening and In-chair Venus teeth whitening. These techniques are helpful for those who have yellow discoloured teeth. The procedure helps in regaining the natural colour of teeth by just separating the outer layer of teeth.

    • $549 In-chair Full Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening in Sydney with $50 Cash Back

      Get professional treatment from our teeth whitening dentist at Dentapex. Philips Zoom has been proven to whiten teeth by up to 8 shades in an hour. It is fast, safe, and accessible.

      Get your smile back with Philips Zoom with a $50 cashback from your treatment. To claim your cashback, click here:

    • $349 In-chair Venus White Teeth Whitening Sydney

      Venus White is an in-chair whitening treatment using three to four 15-minute treatments with 38% hydrogen peroxide gel. It contains potassium nitrate, which helps decrease sensitivity associated with bleaching.

      You deserve to look your best and feel your best, including your smile! You can trust Venus White to help achieve and maintain a brighter, more radiant smile.


    The Benefits Of Professional Teeth Whitening

    While many at-home alternatives exist for professional teeth whitening, only a highly qualified and trained dentist can provide the best results and help you attain a sparkly set of pearly whites for years. In-chair teeth whitening treatments offer a range of benefits and a stunning smile. This includes:

    • A Boost In Confidence

      Discoloured and yellowish teeth often generate insecurities and make us embarrassed to show our smiles to the world. Hence, patients often feel restricted in their daily activities – constantly self-conscious when smiling, eating, or talking. With the professional teeth whitening treatments we provide at Dentapex, your confidence will start to soar. By obtaining whiter teeth, you’ll stop hiding away your smile and can start enjoying life once again.

    • A Brighter Smile

      In-chair teeth whitening treatments are perfect for attaining an instantly brighter and more appealing smile. Our dentists in Sydney will restore the look of your smile by removing stains and changing the shade of your teeth. By choosing the Philips Zoom or Venus White teeth whitening treatment, you will have a perfectly white set of teeth you will be proud to show off.

    • Improved Oral Health

      Whitening can rid the teeth of staining and plaque. This helps your teeth become cleaner and can potentially restore their strength. Teeth whitening is a suitable way of ensuring your teeth remain healthy, as the procedure decreases the risk of cavities and gum disease. Therefore, professional teeth whitening allows for functional benefits and enhances visual appeal.

    • Long-lasting Results

      The results of professional teeth whitening can last for a long time. The Philips Zoom teeth whitening treatment and the Venus White are both high-quality procedures our dentists are trained and experienced in performing. At Dentapex, the whitening agents we use in our treatments contain strong bleaching agents than you can generally buy over the counter. However, the results of your teeth whitening session will also depend on how much care you put into your teeth. Therefore, ensure you are practising a good oral hygiene routine at home.

    • Safe Treatment

      Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits may not always be the safest option. They could irritate your gums and increase tooth sensitivity, as the bleach may not be the best quality. Therefore, by choosing Dentapex for your procedure, we promise a process that is carefully monitored by our dentists and delivers the desired results. Your safety is our top priority, as we will constantly protect your mouth from any risk of damage.

    • Personalised To Your Smile

      At Dentapex, we allow you to decide how white you would like your teeth. Sometimes, these treatments can cause teeth to look unnaturally white. Therefore, we will shade your teeth based on your specific requirements. This means you have the final say on the exact brightness level and in which areas. This starkly contrasts at-home teeth whitening kits that often have a one-size-fits-all approach.

    We Provide Low-Priced Teeth Whitening Options


    At Dentapex, our dentists acknowledge that not all dental treatments come cheap. Therefore, we attempt to make it easier for all patients to access premium dental care for a lower price. Our dental practice offers flexible payment plans for dental work, which aims to help patients stagger their payments for all treatments – including teeth whitening.

    Our dental financing options include Afterpay, which allows you to pay for your treatment in four interest-free instalments, and a National Dental Plan, which spaces out payments over a suitable timeframe.

    For more information on our payment plans for teeth whitening treatments, contact our team of Dentapex dentists in Sydney today. We provide patients with a one-on-one consultation before beginning the laser teeth whitening procedure, outline each process stage, and discuss financing options.

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    How much does teeth whitening cost Sydney?

    The average cost of teeth whitening ranges between $350-$500. This will depend on what kind of treatment you choose and a range of other factors. Talk to our dentists Sydney today about potential pricing options.

    Yes. A dentist is trained and experienced in teeth whitening procedures. Therefore, we know how to effectively use bleaching trays and generate the perfect shade for your smile. Teeth whitening treatments completed by your dentist are professionally done and will guarantee the desired results.

    Whether you choose laser teeth whitening or the Philips Zoom procedure will depend on the state of your teeth and what methods our dentists think will work best for your teeth. The Zoom procedure provides the quickest results and is based on advanced technology. However, laser whitening targets specific areas of the teeth.

    The Philips Zoom teeth whitening treatment is the best method for when you need the quickest results. It is just a 60-minute procedure which then leaves you with a sparkling set of pearly whites.

    During the teeth whitening procedure, you may feel brief flashes of pain. This is due to the nerves in your teeth reacting to the whitening process. This pain may continue after your treatment is completed; however, it will ease over time.

    The results of the zoom teeth whitening treatment should last between 12-24 months. However, this is largely dependent on how well you treat your teeth after the procedure and what kind of maintenance routine you have put in place for your teeth.

    It is important to follow the directions as stated on the packaging of each at-home teeth whitening kit. Each kit may differ in terms of preparation, procedure, and recovery. For assistance, choose our dentists at Dentapex for professional in-chair teeth whitening treatments.

    Teeth whitening trays need to be worn from a couple hours a day to potentially overnight for the best results. Some trays may require minimal treatment where you will only need to wear them for 1-2 hours each day.

    The bleaching trays associated with in-chair teeth whitening treatments can be safely applied under controlled conditions by a professional dentist. At Dentapex, our teeth whitening treatments are completely safe and provide reliable results.

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    Your radiant smile awaits. Book your teeth whitening consultation with us today and take the first step towards a brighter, more confident you. Step into our dental clinic in Sydney and let our teeth whitening experts help you achieve your dental goals.

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