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Dentapexis a family-friendly dental clinic that offers high-quality and trustworthy kid’s dentistry services in Sydney and surrounds areas. When it comes to focusing on building good oral health habits and guiding children throughout the developmental stages of their life, our team at Dentapex is ready for the job. We will educate your kids maintaining an appropriate dental health routine and ensuring their teeth get stronger over time. For more on our developmental dentistry practices for kids, contact our team today.

  • Choosing A Children’s Dentist

    Children’s dental care is vastly different from adult dentistry services. This is because other variables need to be considered, including age, cognitive development, and personality. Taking your child to the dentist for the first time can be a daunting experience for both you and your child. Therefore, you must choose a dental clinic that you trust.

    At Dentapex, we are dedicated to fostering good oral hygiene from a young age and allowing your child to familiarise themselves with a dental clinic environment. This will prevent your child from forming feelings of anxiety when needing to visit a dentist. At Dentapex, we ensure that our dental clinic is equipped with the most advanced dental equipment that supports the growth of a child’s teeth from an early age. When you need a dentist in Sydney that cares for your child’s oral health and wellbeing, choose Dentapex today.

  • First Dental Visit

    At Dentapex, we are dedicated to making your child’s first dental visit a positive experience. Building your child’s oral health habits from a young age is vital in ensuring their overall health and wellbeing throughout every stage of their lives. Therefore, we recommend that you book your child’s first appointment with us when they are one year old or when they start developing teeth.

    On your child’s first dental visit with us, you will be seen by a dental therapist who focuses on kids dentistry. We guarantee that this initial visit will be positive, educational, and happy and help your child approach dental care without any fears or anxiety in the future. Our team of children’s dentists are friendly, reliable, and highly experienced in all aspects of dental health and will help your child stay motivated about boosting their oral health, even from a young age.

  • Kids Dental Emergencies in Sydney and Surround areas

    It is common for kids to suffer from accidental falls that result in various tooth or oral-related injuries. This includes a knocked-out, chipped, or missing tooth. However, if acted upon quickly, your child’s tooth can be easily saved, and any damage to the gums can be prevented. Our team of dentists and therapists will strive to rectify any dental emergencies and find the best solutions to maintain the state of your oral health and ensure it remains in optimal condition. When your child suffers from a dental emergency, call our affordable children’s dentist in Sydney at Dentapex today.

Children’s Orthodontics

Children’s Orthodontics Treatment

Between the ages of 9-10, we recommend that your child get orthodontic treatment. At Dentapex, our dentists will assess your child’s jaw and the development of their teeth to ensure they are growing correctly. If any developmental issues are found, we will take immediate action to find the best solutions to rectify the problem and restore your child’s dental health. Orthodontic treatments usually focus on treating functional concerns, such as cross-bites, overcrowding, growth problems, and more. If any of these issues are present, early intervention is key to improving oral health. Therefore, our experienced dentists will determine the most suitable treatment methods for your child.

Reasons for early intervention and appropriate orthodontics treatments:

  • Prevents more serious issues from developing at a later age
  • Potential treatment in the future may be shorter and less intensive if orthodontic treatments are utilised while teeth are still developing
  • Severe dental concerns that are treated as a child can improve health later in life.
  • Improved hygiene throughout every stage of growth
  • Orthodontics at a young age can improve bite and jaw joint problems

Child Dental Benefit Schedule

Child Dental Benefit Schedule

At Dentapex, we offer patients the Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS) program. This plan is run by the Australian Government and allows eligible children aged 2-17 years to access general dental services. This dental assistance program provides cover of up to $1,000 per child over two consecutive calendar years.

Basic general dental services include examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canal, extractions, and partial dentures. The schedule is available to children from families who receive relevant Australian Government payments.

Why Choose Our Sydney Dental Practice?

Are you searching for a dental clinic that understands all aspects of kid’s dentistry in Sydney? At Dentapex, we know how to educate children on caring for their oral healthso that they grow a strong set of teeth that continues to function perfectly throughout their lives. We utilise the latest tools, technologies, and concepts to improve the overall dental hygiene of your child’s teeth and boost the visual appeal of their set.

Therefore, we provide a comprehensive list of services that cater to the needs of your child and their dental concerns. Whether your child requires a simple check-up and clean or something more complicated like an extraction, our team is here to help. When you need a children’s dentist that listens, choose the professionals at Dentapex.

Some of the many reasons as to why you should choose us include:

  • We are enthusiastic about deliveringcaring and compassionate dentistry
  • The highest standard of kid’s dentistry
  • The use of advanced technologies and methods
  • Affordable private healthcare
  • Quality children’s care

Dental Financing Options


Our Dentapex dentists in Sydney understand that paying for dental treatments can be stressful, especially when the price of each procedure is well into the thousands. Hence, our professionals aim to keep prices affordable so everyone has access to premium dental health care whenever they need it. This includes kid’s dentistry services for both general dental and complicated scenarios. Therefore, we offer various flexible payments plans for dental work. To ensure your child gets the best dental care possible, we allow patients multiple financing options. This includes Afterpay, which lets you pay for your treatment in just four interest-free instalments, and a National Dental Plan, which staggers your payments over time. We are also covered by private health insurance providers, including Medibank, Bupa, and CBHS.

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When to take kids to dentist?

We recommend that your child should have their first dental visit once they start to develop teeth. After the first initial visit, our team will advise you on how often you should bring your child in for a routine check-up. Usually, this will be every 6-12 months.

A kids dentist will treat your child’s teeth from birth to adolescence. Our children’s dentistry services will provide general dental care and target any unique developmental issues that may be experienced throughout each stage of growth.

A child should have their first dental visit when they turn 1 or when they start to develop teeth, whichever comes first. This will ensure your child builds good oral hygiene habits from a very young age.

Choose a kids dentist that you can trust. At Dentapex, we are highly experienced in all aspects of dental health and understand how to perform premium kid’s dentistry. We want to help children keep their oral health in the best condition throughout their lives.

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Are you searching for a ‘kids dentist near me in Sydney?’ Look no further than the team of expert kid’s dentists at Dentapex today. Our dental clinic offers exceptional kid’s dentistry services that restore dental health and builds good oral hygiene habits that children will continue to practice throughout their lives. For more information on our kid’s dentist, contact us today or call us on (02) 3815 0002

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