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    Experience top-notch dental implant services in Sydney with Dentapex for lasting oral stability and confident smiles. Dental implants offer a great solution for people who have missing teeth. These implants are like frames fixed into the jawbone that act as a natural replacement for the missing teeth. They’re strong foundations for dental caps, crowns, and bridges.

    One of the best things about getting dental implants in Sydney is that they keep your face’s natural shape intact and the new teeth attached to them look just like real ones.

    When it comes to reliable dental implant services, Dentapex is the top choice in Sydney. We’re a well-known dental clinic with expertise in high-quality implant dentistry. Our goal is to improve your oral stability and boost your confidence by providing top-notch implants for your teeth. We’re dedicated to using the latest advancements in implant dentistry to ensure your experience is smooth and the procedure is comfortable.

    Our Range Of Dental Implants Available Now in Sydney

    • Single Tooth Dental Implant Sydney

      Single Tooth Dental Implant

      It is a highly effective dental restoration for individuals with a missing tooth. It includes the placement of an artificial tooth root, made of titanium, into the jawbone. This sturdy foundation for the replacement tooth is custom-made to blend seamlessly with the surrounding natural teeth. For precise information on single tooth implant cost in Sydney, turn to Dentapex for transparent pricing and quality care.

    • Multiple Dental Implants Sydney

      Multiple Dental Implants

      For patients who have lost several teeth, multiple dental implants offer an excellent solution to restore their smile and oral functionality. Like single-tooth dental implants, this implant treatment procedure involves placing artificial tooth roots into the jawbone to support replacement teeth.

    • Full Mouth Restoration Sydney

      Full Mouth Restoration

      This dental treatment, also known as full arch replacement, aims to restore the entire mouth’s health, function, and aesthetics. This extensive procedure is typically recommended for individuals with multiple dental issues, such as severely damaged, missing, or worn teeth and various oral health concerns. At Dentapex, we offer transparent and competitive pricing for full mouth dental implants. Dentapex offers the best dental implant services in Sydney, providing top-quality care and exceptional results


    Benefits of Dental Implants

    Dental implants offer numerous advantages, making them an excellent choice for restoring your smile and oral health. Here are some key benefits:

    • Natural Appearance: Dental implants closely mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, with customised crowns for a seamless smile.
    • Improved Chewing and Speaking: Implants function like real teeth, offering stable support for confident eating and speaking.
    • Long-Term Durability: With proper care, implants can last a lifetime, making them cost-effective in the long run.
    • Preservation of Jawbone Health: Implants prevent bone loss by integrating into the jawbone, maintaining facial structure.
    • No Impact on Surrounding Teeth: Unlike bridges, implants don’t affect adjacent natural teeth.
    • Enhanced Comfort: Implants eliminate discomfort associated with removable dentures.
    • Confidence Boost: Implants provide a natural-looking smile, enhancing self-confidence.
    • Easy Maintenance: Implants require regular oral hygiene practices similar to natural teeth.
    • Restored Facial Aesthetics: Implants prevent the sunken-in look of missing teeth, contributing to a youthful appearance.

    Why Dental Implant?

    Why Get a Dental Implant?

    There are many advantages associated with the addition of dental implants as an alternative to other false teeth options, including:

    • Lasts much longer than bridges or dentures
    • Prevents bone loss
    • A sturdier option that allows patients to eat hard foods without any restrictions
    • Looks just like real, natural teeth
    • Improves self-confidence and the appearance of your smile
    • The treatment is extremely accessible

    If you’re looking for a dentist near me for implants, Dentapex offers convenient and expert implant services.


    Dental Implants Procedure in Sydney

    A tooth implant treatment can take 3-6 months to complete as it follows a three-step process. It includes:

    • 01

      The first phase involves the removal of the damaged tooth and carefully placing the implant into the jaw. A screw is inserted into the jaw to ensure optimal hygiene and sterility, preventing debris from entering. The implant will gradually fuse with the jawbone. The gum will be securely positioned over the implant during this period to facilitate healing.

    • 02

      Once your healing period is complete, book your next appointment at Dentapex. Our skilled dentists will uncover the implant and affix an extension known as a ‘post.’ Sufficient time will be given to allow the gum tissue to heal around the post. The implant and post will form a solid foundation for your new tooth.

    • 03

      The final step entails creating a crown that perfectly matches your natural teeth. Our experienced dentists consider various factors, such as size, shape, and colour, to craft the ideal crown for you. Once the crown is ready, it will be securely attached to the implant post, unveiling your brilliant and flawless new smile.

    Rest assured that our team provides the highest standard of care throughout your dental implant treatment. Dentapex offers affordable dental implant options for seniors and pensioners in Sydney, ensuring quality teeth replacement solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule your consultation regarding implanted teeth.

    Dental Implants Cost Sydney

    On average, a dental implant costs starts from $4500 in Sydney. Cost of dental implants varies based on individual needs, including single implants or implant bridges for multiple missing teeth.

    At Dentaplex, we offer implants payment plans to help make high-quality dental care more affordable. The final cost depends on factors such as your oral health history, case complexity, and procedure specifics. The average cost of dental implants in Sydney, including false teeth, fixed bridge implants, and full-mouth dental implants, can range depending on various factors. As a leading dental implant center in Sydney, we prioritise tailoring treatments to individual needs, ensuring the best outcome for your smile.

    Factors Affecting the Cost of Dental Implants

    • Number of implants needed
    • Implant material
    • Expertise of the dental professional
    • Additional procedures
    • Type of dental restoration

    Alternatives To Dental Implants

    We understand that dental implants may not be the right solution for everyone. That’s why we offer a range of alternative options to cater to our patients’ diverse needs.

    • Dentures – They are removable dental appliances designed to replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues
    • Dental bridges – It is the fixed prosthetic device used to replace one or more missing teeth. They consist of artificial teeth, known as pontics, anchored to adjacent natural teeth or dental implants.

    Whether you choose dental implants, dentures, or dental bridges, the team at Dentapex is here to support you on your journey to optimal oral health. Dentapex is your top choice for a best dentist for implant in Sydney, delivering exceptional implant solutions.

    Why Choose Us for Dental Implants?

    Opt for Dentapex for your dental implants needs in Sydney. With our expertise, we’re not only skilled in tooth implants but also possess the necessary knowledge to create functional teeth. Moreover, we understand your unique dental requirements, tailoring treatments that suit you perfectly.

    Our approach involves a comprehensive consultation, delving into your oral history, expectations, and desired smile for effective teeth implants treatment in Sydney. Count on us for your dental journey.

    Just some of the reasons why you should choose our practice for dental implants include:

    • Passionate about high-quality, caring dentistry services
    • Highest standard of dentistry
    • Utilising advanced technologies and methods
    • Affordable dental implants services in Sydney, CBD
    • Offering comprehensive patient care

    Dental Implant Payment Plans & Financing


    Understanding the challenges of managing dental implant payments, Dentapex is committed to simplifying the process through our flexible dental implants payment plans in Sydney. We’re here to guide you with our tailored dental financing options, allowing you to pay for your dental implants at your convenience.

    Our dental implant payment plans include Afterpay, which offers the convenience of four interest-free installments after your dental implant procedure. Additionally, our National Dental Plan lets you spread your treatment costs over a specific timeframe.

    During a personalised consultation, we’ll design your dental implant treatment to match your unique dental needs. This allows us to discuss payment options and streamline the process for your ease.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are dental implants?

    A dental implant is a surgical attachment that is placed into the jawbone and used to support a dental prosthesis such as crown, bridge, or denture. It is also referred to as an orthodontic anchor and will help to replace missing teeth.

    A dental implant is a surgical attachment that is placed into the jawbone and used to support a dental prosthesis such as crown, bridge, or denture. It is also referred to as an orthodontic anchor and will help to replace missing teeth.

    A dental implant is a surgical attachment that is placed into the jawbone and used to support a dental prosthesis such as crown, bridge, or denture. It is also referred to as an orthodontic anchor and will help to replace missing teeth.

    A dental implant is a surgical attachment that is placed into the jawbone and used to support a dental prosthesis such as crown, bridge, or denture. It is also referred to as an orthodontic anchor and will help to replace missing teeth.

    A dental implant is a surgical attachment that is placed into the jawbone and used to support a dental prosthesis such as crown, bridge, or denture. It is also referred to as an orthodontic anchor and will help to replace missing teeth.

    The timing for getting a dental implant after extraction varies, with options for immediate placement or a healing period of around 3 to 6 months to ensure optimal healing and bone stability. Your dentist will advise based on your specific situation.

    You might consider getting a dental implant to restore missing teeth, enhance your smile’s appearance, improve chewing ability, maintain facial structure, and boost your self-confidence.

    Whether a dental implant is right for you depends on various factors including your oral health, bone density, overall health, and specific needs. Consulting with a dentist or oral surgeon will help determine if you are a suitable candidate for a dental implant based on your individual circumstances.

    Mini dental implants are smaller and used for stabilising dentures with less invasive procedures, suitable for cases with limited bone density; while traditional dental implants offer greater stability and versatility for single tooth replacement, bridges, and full arch restorations, but may require more extensive surgery and healing time.

    Not everyone is eligible for dental implants. Factors like bone health, overall health, gum condition, age, habits, oral hygiene, medical history, and commitment play a role in determining candidacy. Consulting a dentist is necessary for personalised assessment.

    Dental implants, dentures, and bridges each have their advantages depending on individual needs:

    • Dental Implants: Implants offer exceptional stability, look and feel like natural teeth, prevent bone loss, and have a long lifespan. They’re a reliable solution for single or multiple missing teeth, enhancing both aesthetics and function.
    • Dentures: Dentures are removable and suitable for multiple missing teeth. They’re often more affordable, but may not provide the same level of stability and comfort as implants.
    • Bridges: Bridges replace one or more missing teeth by attaching to adjacent natural teeth. They’re less invasive than implants, but can affect surrounding teeth and may need replacement over time.

    The choice depends on factors like bone health, budget, oral health, preferences, and long-term goals. Consulting a dentist will help determine the best option for your unique situation.

    An immediate dental implant involves placing an implant into the jawbone right after a tooth extraction, potentially saving time in the tooth replacement process.

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