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    Dentapex is a high-quality Sydney dental practice that aims to provide comprehensive treatments to all patients. Whether you need general, cosmetic, emergency, or orthodontic dentistry, our team of professionals are equipped with the skills and experience to deliver the desired results. We understand that dental issues can negatively impact self-esteem and a sense of confidence. Therefore, we believe that everyone should have access to premium dental care whenever it is needed. Hence, at Dentapex, we are proud to be a Medibank preferred dentist for members covered by Medibank health insurance.

    Medibank Provider Dentist

    We team up with only the best dental insurance providers to ensure our patients have more comprehensive dental financing options. In addition to our flexible payments plans for dental work, we are a Medibank provider dentist. This means we aim to give Medibank health insurance holders valued dental services to ensure they receive the best from their dental cover.

    By being a member of Medibank dental insurance, you can claim back 100% of your annual dental check-up and have your insurance provider pay for a portion of selected dental treatments. The treatments covered by Medibank will be dependent on the type of cover you have. For more information, contact our Dentapex dentists in Sydney today or call Medibank to find out more about insurance benefits.

    Medibank Private Dentist

    As a Medibank private dentist, Dentapex is constantly enhancing its services to include the latest advancements in modern dentistry. Hence, with an insurance provider such as Medibank, you will gain access to all facets of dental care and for a significantly lower price, plus added benefits.

    Most dental procedures provided at Dentapex do not have a fixed price. This is because the cost of your treatment is dependent on a range of factors, including the complexity of the procedure, your oral health history, and what techniques or equipment are needed to complete the process. However, we aim to keep our prices low, especially as a Medibank preferred dentist. For more information on Medibank as a dental health care provider and how it could potentially help you pay for your dental treatments, contact our professionals at Dentapex today.

    The benefits of a Medibank membership

    • Capped prices which mean no surprises when you see your bill
    • Discounts
    • A certain percentage back of the charge – either 55%, 70%, 85% or 100% depending on your cover
    • Free dental check-up and clean every year

    Why Choose Our Dentapex Dentists?

    Advanced Technological Methods And Equipment

    At Dentapex, we utilise the latest technologies to continually improve our dental practice and make it as advanced as possible. With our years of experience in general, cosmetic, orthodontic, and emergency dentistry, we rely on high-quality equipment to help us understand every patient’s dental needs and create treatment plans that are unique to them. As modern dentistry constantly evolves, our team at Dentapex will grow to accommodate these changes.

    Affordable Services With Access To Payment Plans

    Paying for dental treatments may seem daunting, especially if the expected price is well into the thousands. Therefore, at Dentapex, we ensure all patients have access to flexible payment plans for dental work. We aim to keep our treatments affordable and offer financing options that suit everyone. As a Medibank provider dentist and a preferred dentist for a range of other private healthcare services, we provide payment assistance so that your dental process becomes stress-free.

    Elite Patient Care

    The fear of pain and prolonged discomfort can stop people from seeking professional dental care. We understand that many dental procedures can be invasive and complicated. However, at Dentapex, we tailor our services to each individual. This means we ensure all our patients feel safe, comfortable, and ready for the dental journey ahead. Our dental clinic is designed to be an environment that exudes comfort and remains sterile, hygienic, and productive throughout your treatment process. For exceptional patient care when it is needed most, choose our dentists at Dentapex today.

    A Comprehensive Range Of Services

    At Dentapex, our professionals are equipped with extensive knowledge on various dental techniques and services. Therefore, no matter what dental issues you are dealing with, we have the appropriate solution to fix the problem. This includes aesthetic issues such as gapped, overcrowded, and damaged teeth, as well as tackling bad oral hygiene habits and transforming the functionality of your entire mouth. Whether you are visiting our dental clinic for a simple check-up and clean or something a little more complicated, we have the expertise to help.

    Trained Professionals

    Our team at Dentapex are professionals in all aspects of dentistry. Our dental clinic provides patients with access to dentists, oral health consultants, and dental surgeons who are highly experienced and willing to answer any questions you may have. We will guide you through every step of your dental process and educate you on all aspects of dental care. Through a personalised consultation session with our team before beginning your procedure, we will ensure that you are prepared for your procedure and know what to expect both during and after the treatment.

    A Focus On Aesthetic Dentistry And Functionality

    Straight, white, uniform teeth can significantly boost confidence and overall self-esteem. Therefore, we are committed to providing cosmetic dentistry services that transform the aesthetic value of your teeth and create a set that you will be proud to show off. Additionally, our main goal is to ensure your teeth are fully functional and serve you properly throughout your life. As we are a Medibank approved dentist, the services covered by this health insurance provider focus on both visual appeal and functionality. Talk to our team at Dentapex today for more information regarding Medibank and aesthetic or functional dentistry.

    Family-friendly Dental Clinic

    We pride ourselves on providing premium dental care for the whole family. This includes children and guiding them through the developmental stages of their oral health. Our dentists will support your children by helping them build good oral hygiene habits from a young age and advise them on maintaining their dental health throughout every phase of life. As a family-friendly dental clinic, our kid’s dentistry services are well-established, effective, and reliable.

    Contact Us Today

    Are you searching for a ‘dentist near me in Sydney’ that is Medibank approved? Look no further than Dentapex. Our treatments are safe, effective, and perfect for the whole family. As a Medibank approved dentist, our services become extremely affordable for those covered by dental health insurance and seeking the best for their oral health. Our team will work hard to transform your smile and enhance the functionality of your teeth. No matter what dental procedure you are after, our dentists have you covered. For more information on our dental clinic as a Medibank preferred dentist, contact us today or call us on 1300 376 453.

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