Do You Have Chipped Teeth?

Lots of people will accidently chip a tooth but if this happens to you then we recommend you have it restored as soon as possible. Even a small chip increases the risk of the tooth becoming decayed and infected and it can usually be easily mended.

Restoring Chipped Teeth with Composite Resins

Often small chips can be mended using the most advanced composite resins that are hardwearing and durable and only minimal tooth preparation is required. These materials are available in a large range of shades and translucencies and frequently several shades are combined to ensure the restoration blends in seamlessly with your natural tooth. Composite resin is applied directly to the tooth before being hardened, shaped and polished to a natural lustre. Composite resin fillings will last for several years before you need to replace them.

Restoring Chipped Teeth with Veneers

Alternatively, you might choose to restore chipped front teeth with beautiful custom-made veneers. To fit veneers, it is generally necessary to remove a small amount of your natural tooth structure so this process is irreversible. Fabricated from the very latest porcelains, veneers are carefully designed to mend small chips and cracks while enhancing the appearance of your teeth. With the correct care, porcelain veneers may last ten years or more.


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