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    In today’s lifetime, as per the latest statistics, almost every third person suffers from a dental problem. Due to our busy schedule, we fail to take proper care of our oral health.  Major teeth Problems are prevalent in the majority of the population are mainly gum diseases or periodontal diseases.  Do you know men are more likely to suffer from dental problems than women? So, if you are a man you are at a higher risk of dental problems.

    Some of the Most Common Dental Problems are

    • Toothaches
    • Bad Breath
    • Mouth Sores
    • Tooth Sensitivity
    • Tooth Erosion
    • Gum Diseases
    • Oral Cancer

    The most critical thing is to find the right dentist or is to select the dentist. The most common things that come to mind are:

    • How to select a dentist
    • What are the questions that we need to ask a dentist, before having a treatment
    • How to make dentists aware of our existing dental problem
    • What are things to check in a dentist, before having treatment?

    In this blog, we will endeavor to remove your doubts in relation to selecting the dentist in Stanhope Gardens and Padstow. Check Online Reputation of the Dentist, you are Visiting

    First and most important thing is to surf about the dentist from internet. From internet you can check each and every thing about the dentist like customer reviews, dental history, dental treatments that a dentist is providing, latest technologies that a dentist is using for operating.

    Research is very important before going to a reputed dentist in Stanhope Gardens or Padstow. This research will help you in building a trust about a dentist.  Check online reviews of the dentist, this will help you in understanding the dentist more easily.

    For saving money, research is very important because from this you will be aware of cost that  dentists are charging on dental treatments. Questions to Ask a Dentist, Before Going for a Treatment

    • Ask Dentist Experience: First thing to ask a dentist is from how much time dentist your doing his/her job?  A good dentist always has a good experience in his/her profession.
    • Ask Dentist to share photos of treatment:  Photos are very helpful in case of dental treatments.  With the help of before and after treatment images you will get whole information about how your teeth look after having treatment.
    • Ask dentist about the risks and complications of all the dental treatments:  Risks are always there in every type of treatment. If he/she is a good dentist, then he always explains to you all the risks involved in dental treatments.
    • Ask him about the timings on which dentist is available in the clinic:  This will help you in consulting him/her in any type of dental emergency if happens.  You can also visit him on weekends too. The most important thing to ask him is whether he is always on phone or not.
    • Ask the dentist for the Price: Ask for the cost that a dentist is charging for the dental treatments. This helps you in making your budget accordingly.  It is important to look for the preferred provider dentists with major health funds mainly Medibank, AHM, Bupa and other health funds
    • Ask the dentist for the payment options: Payment options are very necessary for dental treatments. Ask dentists for the payment options that he is accepting like cash, by EFT post. Ask him if he is accepting all the credit and debit cards. Ask him if he accepts health funds on the spot or through HICAPS, government vouchers, CDBS.

    Ask the dentists for finance options for more costly treatments. If you want good dental health, then you must visit a dentist after every six months for a regular dental check-up, scaling, and cleaning as this will help you to avoid any type of Dental Problems and you will get some easy dental care tips. Have a healthy and proper diet plan. Floss and brush twice a day.  Avoid sugar, carbonated drinks as such type of food causes tooth decay problems.

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