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Orthodontics – Conventional Braces

Conventional braces are also known as fixed or traditional braces and are frequently the best option as they can provide optimal treatment outcomes. We often recommend this solution for our patients here at Dentapex.

What are Fixed or Conventional Braces?

Conventional braces consist of small metal brackets bonded firmly onto teeth. The brackets are connected to thin wires (arch wires), and tension is placed on the wires with small elastic bands. Each brace component is precisely positioned to apply firm yet gentle pressure on teeth, moving them into the correct locations determined in your treatment plan.

Why Choose Conventional Braces?

Fixed braces can produce extremely precise results, and treatment is very predictable and reliable. Because teeth can be repositioned so exactly, fixed braces are often the preferred treatment choice for treating more complicated orthodontic problems. These include tooth alignment and bite issues, and which are less able to be corrected using removable braces that are best for treating more straightforward problems. Also, unlike removable braces, fixed braces work continuously to reposition teeth, and you need not worry about forgetting to wear them.

How Do I Look After Conventional Braces?

It is important to ensure you clean around all the brackets and wires thoroughly and to maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine during your treatment. When your braces are fitted, we will show you exactly how to clean them and can explain which tools are most effective. You will need to spend a little more time on your oral care routine while wearing conventional braces, but your straight, healthy smile will be well worth the effort.

Will I Need to Modify My Diet?

You can still enjoy most foods, but biting into very sticky, hard or crunchy foods could damage or dislodge your braces, so these are best avoided. However, if you want to enjoy something like a crunchy apple or carrot, cut it into small pieces so you can chew the food using only your back teeth, without damaging your braces.

Are There Other Options Other Than Metal Brackets?

Traditionally, conventional braces have metal brackets, but you can opt for brackets made from clear ceramic or plastic and which are less noticeable, but these solutions will cost a little more. Some people like to embrace their treatment, opting for brightly coloured elastics to create a custom look.

What to Expect While Wearing Braces?

When your braces are first fitted, it is normal for them to feel a bit strange or to experience slight discomfort as your teeth begin to shift position. These feelings should disappear within a short while, but if they continue, please contact Dentapex as we can adjust your brace to increase your comfort level. We will also need to see you regularly during treatment to adjust your brackets and wires as needed, and to check treatment is progressing as planned.

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