Dental Crowns & Bridge

To rebuild the teeth broken due to any reason like tooth decay, The Dental Crowns and Bridge Australia are the best method. This procedure is helpful in whitening, reshaping, and realigning existing teeth. Crowns and bridges are a fixed solution to damaged or missing teeth.

This procedure is helpful in giving strength to teeth and helps in improving the alignment.

Dental Crowns

This dental treatment is the best replacement for the damaged teeth. This procedure lasts long and the crown exactly looks like the natural teeth and the tooth becomes stronger.

Dental Bridge

For those individuals who are having a gap between their teeth, a dental bridge is beneficial. That gap may cause gum diseases. There are two types of dental bridge which are partial and permanent. It is very easy to clean the partial bridges.

The bridge is supported by natural teeth or in some cases by implants.

dental bridge

Who can go for Dental Crown and Bridge Treatment?

It is advisable to have a consultation before having this dental treatment. However,  dental crowns and bridges are suggested under some typical conditions,  like:–

  • Cracked or Fractured Teeth

Dental crown and bridge are followed for this procedure to prevent any type of damage. Like, if the tooth crack is damaging the tooth enamel, then a dental crown is the easiest way to enhance the appearance of the tooth.

  • Missing Teeth

This is the most common reason of having dental crowns and bridge. There are many reasons of missing teeth which may be accident, tooth infection, etc.

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